Almonds - For health

Top 10 health benefits of almonds

1. The Powerful Antioxidant Nut 2. For Heart : Reduces the percent of heart attack risk 3. For Weight Loss : A Good Fit With Many Popular Weight Loss Plan 4. For Bones : Helps for strong bones and teeth 5. For Skin : Almonds help glowing skin


NUTRIENTS : Vitamin E - 40% , Biotin – 49%, Manganese – 27%, Copper – 26%, Phosphorus – 16%, magnesium -15%, Molybdenum – 15% and Fiber – 11%. A serving of 23 almonds contains 162 calories.

Boost Brain health

Almonds contain both vitamin B complex and L-carnitine, and both of these nutrients help to keep the brain healthy. Many believe that who eat almonds regularly, will even help to keep away the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Lower heart attack risk

Almonds take good nutrition to heart, especially when you consider all the ways they can benefit cholesterol level and heart health.

Beautiful Skin

Vitamin E in almonds protects your skin's collagen to keep you looking younger for longer. Not only for your skin and also keeps you fuller and longer all the day.

Weight Loss

A good fit with many popular weight loss plans, almonds make a welcome addition to products for those who are watching their waistlines.

Strong Bones

Strong bones is very important as we age, and almonds are one to improve bone and teeth strengthening.

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