Forget about vitamin "A" pills

Forget about vitamin "A" pills. Carrots provide vitamin A: 428% DV including Energy: 41.35 Calories (per 100 g), Protein: 930 mg (per 100 g), Vitamin c: 5.9 mg (per 100 g), Iron: 300 mcg (per 100 g), Potassium: 320 mg (per 100 g), Calcium: 33 mg (per 100 g) and a many of other impressive health benefits including 1. Improve vision 2. Helps prevent cancer 3. Slows down aging 4. Promotes Healthier Skin 5 Helps prevent Infection 6. Prevent Heart Disease 7. Cleanse the Body and more

About Carrots and its History

Carrots are one of the most importantly cultivated vegetable crops in the history. Carrots have been providing nutrients to the people for thousands of years, records showing that the first modern day carrot varieties were consumed from the 10th Century in Asia and the Middle East.

Even before that time, many types of wild carrots (80 different kinds by some sources) were eaten in countries like Iran, Persia, Turkey, Persia and some areas in the Asia.

Some people avoid carrots because they believe that carrots are high in sugar and they will raise blood glucose levels. However, this is far from the truth, a cup of raw carrots contains only around 10grams of carbohydrate and about 4 grams of fiber. The fiber in carrots helps in slow down the release of sugar in the form of glucose in to the blood stream.

Carrots Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 CUP = 128g

Vitamin A: 428% DV, Vitamin k: 21% DV, Vitamin C: 13% DV, Potassium: 12%DV, Manganese: 9%DV, Vitamin B6: 9% DV, Thiamin: 6% DV, Niacin: 6% DV, Folate: 6% DV.

Calories: 52.5 k CAL, OMEGA-3 Fatty Acids: 2.6 MG, Protein: 1.2G, OMEGA-6 Fatty Acids: 147 MG, Dietary Fiber: 3.6 G, Sugars: 6.1 G, Carbohydrate: 12.5 G, Total Fat: 0.3G.

9 Health benefits of Carrots

1. Improves vision 2. Helps prevent cancer 3. Slows down aging 4. Promotes Healthier Skin 5 Helps prevent Infection 6. Prevents Heart Disease 7. Cleanse the Body 8. Protects teeth and Gums 9. Prevents Stroke

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