Geneva: a city in Switzerland

Geneva a city in Switzerland is the gateway to the Alps and Jura mountains, a peaceful lakeside haven with the population of 198,979 at the end of 2016. Geneva's most famous monument (Jet d'Eau) is the world's tallest water fountain and it provides a constant landmark for exploring the Geneva city.

Geneva is the Headquarters of Europe’s United Nations and the Red Cross, Geneva is a global hub for diplomacy and banking. Geneva has an interesting history that takes back to 121 BC. Geneva the border town became a Christian city and it ruled throughout the middle Ages under the Roman Empire.

Languages Spoken By people in Geneva

The official language of Geneva is French, which is spoken by people over 72% of the population. About 4.4% of the population speaks English, while 4.2% of the population speaks Spanish. Other languages spoken in the city include German and Italian.

If you want a change of pace then take a cruise on the lake or just relax in one of Geneva's main waterfront parks. Whatever your interest is, Geneva has a wide range of hotel options to accommodate your stay offering with renowned service and easy access to the Geneva’s major sites.

Top palaces to Visit in Geneva

1. The Lake 2. Carouge 3. The Old Town 4. The United Nations Building and Red Cross Museum Neuve 5. Window Shopping 6. Bastions Park and Place 7. Paquis and Les Grottes 8. Plainpalais Flea Market 9. The Salève

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