La Digue Island Seychelles

About La Digue

The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa. Powder-soft sandy beaches, jade-green water and palm-fringed, hidden bays - on La Digue, the fourth-largest island in the Seychelles, also known as the most beautiful in the archipelago, you live as a holidaymaker the dream of "paradise on earth". The only 10 km² large island is almost completely surrounded by a beautiful coral reef and therefore perfect for impressive snorkeling trips. In addition to many corals and colorful fish, one often encounters sea turtles and can compete with the gentle reptiles.

The beaches of La Digue are not to be missed. It is no surprise they frequently win awards as among the most beautiful on the planet and they never fail to impress. Whether you prefer the long sweeping arcs of pristine white sand to the south, or the beautiful Anse Source D'Argent, which is framed by massive granite boulders, these beaches will take your breath away.

Surprisingly, despite their unmatched beauty, these are not the best swimming beaches the Seychelles or La Digue has to offer. The west coast beaches of La Passe and La Reunion near town, and the iconic Anse Source D'argent have very shallow waters, whilst the wild and wonderful Grande & Petite Anse and the beautiful Anse Cocos on the South coast have big waves rolling in from across the Indian Ocean with a strong undertow making it very dangerous to swim. Anse Cocos benefits from a natural lagoon formed by granite rocks providing calm waters to swim in. You can never have it all - but while the island's better swimming spots, Anse Severe and Patates on the northern coast, may not be quite as outstanding as their neighbours they can still knock the spots off beaches in other parts of the world!

After Anse Patates the east coast is wild and beautiful, but not ideal for swimming. Big hills between the bays mean that it can be quite a taxing ride if you are not used to cycling, and you could easily spend four hours cycling to Anse Fournis and back from town, without stopping - but if you fancy exploring a rugged coast it makes a great change from the pristine coves you may find elsewhere in the Seychelles.

Some of the beaches in the far southeast and southwest require a bit of a hike following well-hidden paths, and one or two are so remote they can only be reached with the help of a guide. However adventurous you may feel it is wise to take local advice before attempting to find them - it is not uncommon for tourists to get lost for days at a time amid the jungle clad hills.

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