About Norway

Norway is Famous as the home of the medieval Vikings. Norway is also known for its mountains, majestic fjords, diverse wildlife and charming towns.

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Did you know

Norway’s formal name is Kongeriket Norge or the Kingdom of Norway.

Total area: 385,178 sq. km

Population: in 2018 - 5,353,363 - Yearly Change 47,980

Capital city: Oslo

Currency: Norwegian krone

Highest elevation: Galdhopiggen 8,100 ft. (2,469 m)

Lowest elevation: Sea level

Agriculture: Barley, potatoes, wheat, veal, beef, milk and fish

Industries: Petroleum and gas, fishing, aquaculture, food processing, shipping, shipbuilding, metals, chemicals, pulp and paper products, mining, timber and textiles.

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Do you know this About Norway?

The national flower of Norway is Purple heather flower.

Norway it has one active volcano that is located on Jan Mayen an island in the Norwegian Sea, Beerenberg is 7,306 feet (2,227 m) high.

Norway is the world’s largest exporter of salmon fish and the second largest exporter of seafood.

Norway is one of the world’s major petroleum exporters.

Edvard Munch was a Norwegian painter and printmaker; he is famous for his painting The Scream (1893).

Norwegians ancient rock carvings show that they have been using skis for at least 4,000 years.

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