Nuts: Top 5 nuts for weight loss

Nuts for Weight Loss

1. Brazil nuts 2. Walnuts 3. ALMONDS 4. Pistachios 5. Cashews

Losing weight is often a struggle. There are lots of selections and diets that confuse you. Chances are high that you will fail to get rid of those extra pounds. Specialists recommend us to include the simplest healthy nuts we can find on the market in our daily eating habit. This is why, we tend to needed to assist you, by providing you a listing of the great nuts for your weight loss.


Pistachios (Calories 562 - Per 100 grams) have amazing health properties. Pistachios help you reduce both triglyceride levels and cholesterol. May be salty varieties are tastier; it is good to stick with raw organic pistachios. Both are good for your body but you get the best benefits with the organic raw pistachios, which help you lose more weight in your body.

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts (Calories 656 - Per 100 grams) are rich in selenium. Selenium is a mineral that takes a crucial role in improving your both immune system and metabolism. Apart from selenium, these Brazil nuts also contain magnesium, potassium and zinc. These nuts unlike other similar nuts have a richer creamier flavor. You can consume these Brazil nuts with a combination of fruits, honey and or oatmeal.

Walnuts nuts

Walnuts contain (Calories 654 - Per 100 grams) unsaturated fats that have the capability to cut back abdominal fat. They're among the simplest buggy for weight loss, rising endocrine metabolism. You'll be able to eat these foods mixed in your dish or on prime of your breakfast oats.


Almonds (Calories 576 - Per 100 grams) act as weight loss natural pills. Taking a small number of almond nuts every day along with a low- calorie diet, they help in your weight loss in an effective way. The best time to take almond nuts is right before going to your gym workout.

Cashew nuts

Even though cashews (Calories 553 - Per 100 grams) are lower in calcium compared to other nuts, they are still among the best nuts for weight loss. These nuts have magnesium that provides many health benefits such as relieving headaches, constipation, insomnia, and even muscle cramps. All nuts, especially cashews support brain function. Because they contain biotin, cashews restore your hair’s healthy and shiny look.

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