Fastest Trains In The World

World's fastest high-speed trains ranked by their speed with their official records

List of 10 fastest trains from 10 to the fastest 1

10. Thsr 700t, Taiwan

Operator: Taiwan High Speed Rail (Thsr)

Maximum Speed: 315 km/h

09. Ice 3, Germany

Operator: Deutsche bahn nederlandse spoorwegen

Maximum Speed: 330 km/h

08. Alstom agv 575

Operator: Italian transport company NTV

Maximum Speed ‎: ‎360 km/h

07. Talgo 350, SPAIN

Operator: Spanish railways

Maximum Speed: 365 km/h

06. Freccia rossa 1000, Italy

Operator: Trenitalia

Maximum Speed: 400 km/h

05. Hemu 430x, south Korea

Operator: Korail

Maximum Speed: 430 km/h

04. Crh 380a, china

Operator: China railway

Maximum Speed: 486.1 km/h

03. Shanghai maglev, china

Operator: Shanghai maglev transportation development

Maximum Speed: 500 km/h

02. Tgv, France

Operator: sncf

Maximum Speed: 574.8 km/h

Now this the #1 Fastest and High Speed Train in the World

01. L0 series sc maglev, Japan

Operator: Central Japan Railway Company (jr central)

Maximum Speed: 603 km/h

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