World's Scariest Bridges: Mind your step

From glass to wood, these bridges are built for both transport and to frighten you. Give a look at some of these breathless pedestrian walkways and suspension bridges round in the world.

World's scariest bridges Capilano Suspension Bridge Canada

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Canada

This Bridge First built in 1889 and rebuilt again in 1956, it crosses the Capilano River and is 450 feet or 137 meters long and 230 feet or 70 meters above the river.

Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge, Switzerland

World's scariest bridges Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge Switzerland

With spectacular views of the Matterhorn, Weisshorn and Bernese Alps, the world’s longest pedestrian suspension is 1, 621 feet or 494 meters across. The bridge was inaugurated in the month July 2017, and replaced the old bridge that closed because of falling of rocks in 2010. The bridge shortens the journey between Swiss cities Zermatt and Grächen by cutting a three- or four-hour trek across the valley to simply ten minutes.

Longjiang Bridge, Baoshan, China

World's scariest bridges Longjiang Bridge Baoshan China

This bridge situated in the Yunan province, the bridge is 920 feet or 280 meters above river Longjiang. The main span, the distance between the two main towers, is 3,924 feet or 1,196 meters, making it one of the longest bridges in the world.

U-Bein Bridge, Myanmar
World's scariest bridges U-Bein Bridge, Myanmar

This over 200 years old U-Bein Bridge, Myanmar crossing over Taungthaman Lake was built around 1850s and is almost 1.2-km or 0.75 miles in length. This bridge structure consists of 1,086 teakwood pillars that were built from the wood reclaimed from the former royal palace in Inwa.

Titlis Cliff Walk, Engelberg, Switzerland
World's scariest bridges Titlis Cliff Walk Engelberg Switzerland

Highest suspension bridge in Europe, This stressful pedestrian path is made 10,000 feet higher than sea level within the Swiss Alps, creating it the as the highest suspension bridge in Europe. It is a 320 feet long and solely 3 feet wide.

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