7 Beautiful Places in the UK, United Kingdom

There are many beautiful places around United Kingdom (UK). These 7 beautiful places are must see in your lifetime.

Most beautiful Places in the UK

Stonehenge - Wiltshire - UK

A raised horizontal stone, There are more than 900 better-known stone circles in the British Isles however the foremost noted one is Stonehenge, placed on the Salisbury plains in Wiltshire, South England.

The White Cliffs of Dover England

White Cliffs of Dover England

Minack Theatre Penzance England - UK

Minack Theatre Penzance England
Loch Ness Highlands - Edinburgh
Loch Ness Highlands Edinburgh

The banks of Loch Ness Scotland
The banks of Loch Ness Scotland

Loch Ness is the second largest Scottish loch by area at 21.8 sq miles or 56 km after Loch Lomond, however due to its great depth; it is the largest by volume. Its deepest point is 755 ft or 230 meters, making it the second deepest loch in Scotland after Loch Morar. It contains more fresh water than all the lakes in England and Wales combined, and is that the largest body of water on the Great Glen Fault, that runs from Inverness within the north to Fort William within the south.

Tresco Abbey Gardens the Isles of Scilly

Abbey Gardens the Isles Scilly

Isle of Wight the Needles

Isle of Wight the Needles