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Glass Beach is the outstanding southern shoreline of MacKerricher State Park in Fort Bragg - California USA


Glass Beach is the outstanding southern shoreline of MacKerricher State Park in Fort Bragg. Glass Beach gets its name from the smooth beautiful glass pieces that you can discover in the pebbly shoreline. The site was at one time a waste dump so broken containers from rubbish jars of nearby inhabitants are presently little fortunes to be feign and photographed (and left behind). It is unlawful to expel any glass from Glass Beach.

Glass Beach - California USA.

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This is an awesome spot to take kids who can investigate around yet watch them close to the water what can be hazardous. There is a wide way to the shoreline from the stopping region on Glass Beach Road a few squares west of Highway 1 down West Elm Street. There are more trails on the feign to climb north up to Pudding Creek Beach where a cleared multi-use trail traverses an old train trestle. Trails additionally go south from the Glass Beach section way to other shiny shorelines that are outside of the state park limit.

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Pudding Creek Beach - Fort Bragg - California – USA.

Pudding Creek Beach is an old wooden train trestle that now is a multi-use recreational trail span in MacKerricher State Park. Pudding Creek streams down onto the shoreline some of the time convergence the sand and here and there just pooling up behind it. Pudding Creek Beach is a profound sandy shoreline in the sound at the creek mouth. Another shoreline is just strides way. The Old Haul Road Beach is a since quite a while ago confined sandy shoreline is only a few stages away over the bluff towards the north. The cleared Haul Road Trail sets out north to Virgin Creek Beach and the separation to MacKerricher Main Beach. Climbing trails take after the south to Glass Beach not far away.