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Natural healthy foods for sexual stamina

Watermelon - strong source of magnesium

Watermelon the new Viagra according to and called by many experts. Eating watermelon will deliver effects akin as Viagra. Watermelon fruit contains

citrulline amino acid, which is extremely good for cardiovascular system and help in relax blood vessels that enhance your sex drive. Watermelons help getting in

the mood for sexual drive because they increase libido. For those who are looking for a boost in their sexual life needs to add this sweet fruit in their daily eating.

Avocado - are filled with vitamin E

Avocado the fruit, this fruit named commonly as "ahucatl" and or the "testicle tree". Not only being just delicious, it is extremely benefits in giving high drive levels in your body. Due to high level of folic acid in avocado, it gives you more energy by

metabolizing proteins as the vitamins B6. Vitamin B6 increase male hormone production. Avocado regulates the thyroid gland in women. Therefore, this fruit benefit for us both men and women. Back in the days avocado considered as a special sex food.

Eggs - the best food for sex power

Eggs the best food for sexual power, eggs certainly helps in increasing the longevity of a human’s sexual life. It also quoted as one of the best and purest sources of protein. Eggs are rich in vitamins like B6 and B5. Which helps balancing hormone levels and responsible for healthy libido. Eggs help in fighting stress and boosting your sex drive also ensuring harder erections. Taking eggs in the morning is the perfect ways to kick start your day that will end with steamy sex.

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