Natural Foods That Boost Sexual Stamina

Natural foods for sexual stamina

Eating the right foods can increase passion and sexual stamina to both men and women. These natural vegetarian foods will help you boost your sexual stamina and make your love life going. They are Spinach, Almonds, Dry fruits, Berries and Citrus, Brown rice, Green leaves, Avocado, Watermelon, Corn, Coffee and Eggs.

These are the natural foods that increase your sexual stamina

List Of Natural Foods: 1. Spinach - is a strong source of magnesium
2. Banana - rich in Vitamin B and bromelain
3. Almonds - are filled with vitamin E

Natural Foods For Stamina:4. Watermelon - the new Viagra according to many experts
5. Avocado - the fruit
6. Eggs - the best food for sexual power

The natural sex foods that increase your sexual stamina

Spinach - strong source of magnesiumOut of all green vegetable, spinach is a strong source of magnesium.

Magnesium helps dilate blood vessels and ensures better blood flow to the genitals thereby creating greater arousal for men and

women both. Spinach, Swiss chard, broccoli, cabbage, and kale are also good sources of folate and called as the sex nutrient.

Banana increase Libido and Sexual Stamina

Bananas are rich in Vitamin B and bromelain. Best of these two minerals are good in regulation testosterone and increase sexual performance, Sexual desire and overall virility.

Almonds best natural food for Sexual Stamina

Almonds - are filled with Vitamin E Almonds along with other nuts and seeds like as cashews and walnuts are a great source of essential fatty acid of Omega 3 that increase testosterone which acts as the major sex

hormone in men.Vitamin E, 20% DV of Magnesium and 13% DV of Fiber. A handful is 1oz. of almonds. It also contains nutrients like magnesium, calcium, vitamin B2 and vitamin E. A healthy handful of Almonds contains - 50% DV of

DV = DAILY VALUE is developed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to help the consumers to compare the nutrient contents of the products within the context of a total diet.

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