These are some ways you can do it yourself to lower your blood pressure naturally.

  • diet

Healthy Eating

On the off chance that you have high blood pressure, it is imperative to eat a healthy food. Eliminated your salt admission, eat organic products, vegetables and maintain a strategic distance from greasy nourishments. Eat incline meats or fish, and prepare or flame broil your food as opposed to frying them.

Lessen Stress

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Are you feeling stress? This might be the reason your blood pressure is so high. Stress causes your heart rate to go up and you are breathing to end up speedier, prompting an expansion in blood pressure. It is vital to consider the things that make you worried, and after that work on taking out the stressors from your life.


  • Meditation

Contemplation utilizes profound breathing and center as an approach to feel quiet and reestablishes your internal peace. It demonstrated that meditation brings down stress levels. This thusly brings down your blood pressure. As indicated by Yoga specialists, Contemplation is an exact procedure for resting the psyche and accomplishing a condition of awareness that is entirely unexpected from the ordinary waking state. It is the methods for understanding every one of the levels of ourselves lastly encountering the focal point of awareness inside.

Drink Tea

  • Tea

Drinking as meager as some green or oolong tea every day may bring down the danger of hypertension by almost half, as per another investigation of Chinese tea consumers. Scientists found that men and ladies who drank tea every day for no less than a year were a great deal more averse to create hypertension than the individuals who didn't, and the more tea they drank, the greater the advantages.